After stumbling into a photography store in Wicker Park several years ago, I've become obsessed with film photography, namely the company Lomography. Lomography, as a photography movement, has the motto 'don't think, just shoot', and I love the carefree, capture-the-moment attitude. Taking a photograph is a chemical process with all sorts of unpredictable variables, and I love the emphasize the idea of that in my photographic work. I love the idea of images as images, reflections of the light, rather than as a collection of 1's and 0's manipulated to 'perfection'. I play with double exposures, light leaks, expired film, in-camera filters, etc....that's not to say I don't love digital photography as well, but I enjoy the process of shooting on film as a challenge. Here is a small selection of my favorites. If you would like to see my full body of work, you can see that here.


U R B A N W I T C H 

There are so many powerful, confident women in the world these days! Just think about how far women have come in this country in the last few generations. We have more options and independence than ever before. This is what this series is about. Maybe we don't have broomsticks and cauldrons, but I always loved the power and sisterhood behind covens and I wanted to translate that into a modern urban setting. I wanted to capture portraits of the women that are magic in everyday life with their independence, work ethic, and drive. Let's take the witch myth into the modern century. This is a continuously ongoing series.


Experimental Photography

My first camera was a Diana Mini; a very user-friendly 'toy' camera that gives the shooter the option to shoot squares or half-and-half. For years I played with this camera, unbeknownst to me that the half-frame mechanism was broken, causing a really unique overlap effect. The Lomography store offered to fix this defect but by then I loved the feature so much I couldn't fix it. This is how my love of experimenting with film started, and as since moved to things like double exposures, "film soup" (soaking film in random liquids), Revolog films (films exposed to weird effects), and other in-camera experiments. 


Travel Photography

There's really nothing like coming home with more rolls of film than you can count, laying out all of the rolls. The camera (or three) that I carry everywhere I go might be a dead giveaway that I'm a tourist, but I don't mind that -- the prints I get back mean more to be than any souvenir.