Press Release for Quriosity Productions


Comedy director Kenneth Yoder has taken his fitness webseries idea to a whole new level. 

Last year, Kenneth himself underwent a massive physical transformation with #100daysofkenneth, a personal documentary in which Kenneth went from flabby to fit in a mere three months with the help of fitness personality Dusten Nelson. Filled with moments of struggle and triumph with, of course, a healthy dose of humor, Kenneth completed his training by entering himself in the World Beauty Fitness Fashion competition, where he rocked the competition with a lightning-bolt emblazoned speedo. 

Now, Kenneth and Dusten have decided to spread the word with ALL IN, a new webseries that chronicles the transformations of seven more people as they undergo a similar journey to Kenneth's. 

"ALL IN is meant to be a first hand account of the demanding process of getting into shape," says Kenneth of the webseries, "Each episode will be five to seven minutes in length with a motivational tone similar to The Biggest Loser but presented in the news magazine style of 60 Minutes. Our intention is to show that big changes are possible with a little guidance and a lot of effort."

Although still in production, Kenneth notes the changes in the seven people profiled have already been notable. "We are not even halfway through the shooting process yet...[one of our contestants] has already lost 50 pounds....[and another] has lost almost 70."

We can't wait to see the end results as Kenneth takes this motivational journey! Stay tuned for updates. 

Excerpt from "The Fantastical Hot Air Balloon Adventures of Lord Thaddeus" 

A Webseries in Development about a foolish adventurer representing the arrogant exploits of Western colonization


LORD THADDEUS BINSBURGER-SMYTHE-HIGGINS, the famous (in his own mind, anyway) adventurer and explorer, sits at his luxurious writing desk. He wears a tall black stovepipe hat, a silk smoking robe, and has a comically large mustache. He writes in a large tome with a feather pen, occasionally stopping to muse, or to dip the pen into his inkwell. 



...and it would come to pass, that never again would a child laugh in that town, as the roads turned to back to dust, and the buildings were reclaimed by the earth.

(beat; brightly)

Chapter 28. After that frothy dalliance, I was hoping to enjoy a little rest and relaxation time, but being an adventurer, scholar, and liberator of savages from the lack of civilization is a full-time occupation from which there is no respite.


Thaddeus is kicking back in a cozy-looking chair. He has a face mask, fuzzy robe, and towel turban on, and a funny mug for his tea. 


Upon settling into my comfy chair I had barely started into my first cup of tea -- steeped to perfection by my trusty sidekick Lokesh Maharajapuram -- when I found...the note.

Thaddeus is burrowing into his chair when he spies a note across the room. "My Dear Thaddeus" is scrawled on the front in fancy cursive. He leaps into action, tossing his tea aside and shoving off his towel turban and robe to reveal a full suit and hat underneath ready for action. He grabs the note and tears it open.


Evil does not wait for a man's rest and relaxation time to conclude, not even the esteemed Lord Thaddeus Binsburger-Smythe-Higgins III. I only skimmed the note, but I got the gist of it almost immediately.




"Hay Thaddeus, Its your gf.  BRB, Just goin to Pais de Plata for a min. I hear the jewelry here is fire and I wanna get my sis a prez that will totally school that mother of pearl vanity set she got me for xmas...showy bitch.  Anyway CYA laters. XXOO Evelyn"

The camera holds on "PAIS DE PLATA" and "XXOO EVELYN". 

Thaddeus drops the note in horror and gasps. 


It became apparent quite rapidly that my dear paramour, Lady Evelyn Gregory, had been kidnapped by the savages in Pais De Plate! They had even attempted to cover their tracks by making it sound as if she had gone of her own accord. But I knew better. What woman would ever venture to the New World alone? These kidnappers clearly did not know who they were dealing with.


Me. They were dealing with me. 

Thaddeus points his finger in the air -- "away!" and runs off screen.

Excerpt from Submission to Tinder Dating Blog

Derek* originally had a surprise for me at a bar in the West Town area. I love surprises, and was immediately into it. We set our time at 8:30, chatting occasionally up until the date.

The day comes, and I’m feeling a bit ambivalent. My roommate might be more excited than me. But I rally, even as he’s pushing back our meeting time, until we’ve settled at a comfortable “a little after nine”, as well as changing the venue because I have to be up early and his original spot was a concert that we wouldn’t have been able to chat at. I’m already a little annoyed by this, but hey, shit happens, and I can’t fault someone for being busy, because I am the queen of that shit. Plus, I’m excited for this date.

“On my way, should be there in a few,” I text him.

“Already here,” he replies. “What do you want to drink?”

“Any black lagers?” I text back. My favorite. I need something dark with a clean finish, just like my relationships. Just kidding, my relationships are bitter and linger forever, like a double IPA.

“Yes, there are, I’m almost having the same thing. You’re so wicker park.” He shoots back. Oh jeez. Already making fun of me, I see.

When I get there I immediately recognize him at the bar while getting ID’ed by the doorman, and head over. I’m not attracted right off the bat, unfortunately; one of those non-attractions you can tell it simply isn't going to happen with. He’s still cute, well-dressed and nice, he’s already bought me a beer, and I did pay for a Lyft here, so….I guess I can stick around. He’s picked me out a porter...I don’t say anything about how that’s totally not what I wanted, for fear of ratcheting up my apparent Wicker Park-ness.

The banter starts out normal enough -- what we do for work, our history in the city, our family and romantic history. I go back and forth on whether or not I’m interested in a second date, and the closest I get is when he goes on a beautiful rant about how marriage has become more about the ‘show’ of it all over social media over the importance of such a life event.

But soon, I find myself growing ever irritated over the “you’re so wicker park” style of talking. He immediately points out how I’m fidgety (I’m KINETIC guys there’s a DIFFERENCE) and I suddenly feel insecure about the way I’m moving my body. He also often interrupts me to repeat what I’ve just said in a mocking way. “Oh yeah, you’re 100 percent in agreement with her?” He asks me during one of our conversations, to which I point-blank tell him that wow, he’s condescending. After that he asks to start over, he’s being a total asshole, but it’s kind of too late at this point, and I’m just ready to finish up my beer and go home.

I’ll tell you guys a secret about myself -- my biggest fear -- besides, you know, getting stabbed to death -- is that I talk too much. I’m always happy for people to tell me when they feel that I’m dominating the conversation, because I truly want to be more of a listener and less of a gabber.

I mention this because I’m reaching the death knell of our conversation, where Derek is making a point in the conversation and I’ve been listening to him for a few minutes. “But what I wanted to say, my whole idea is -- and please just let me finish a thought, let me just get a word in edgewise -- is that…”

At this point I’m not listening anymore, but more staring in abject horror. Have I been talking too much? When he threw this little addendum into his rant, I hadn’t even been talking! I hadn’t even opened my mouth with the intention to talk! And now I’m done. Clearly, we aren’t on the same page. He can tell, I can tell. I’m checking my watch, claiming I need to go home earlier than I really do. We cordially say goodbye, give each other a half-hearted hug, and are on our way. He knows it’s over. Doesn’t even send a follow up text. I don’t blame him. I wasn’t expecting one.