I come from a documentary background supplemented with years of experience in the production industry and agency world. Over the years, I've worked for and with some of the best producers in Chicago and San Francisco, and rising to their standards is a pleasurable challenge. This hybrid of background experience allows me to have a mind designed for small, DIY, indie budgets, but with an increasingly strong visual eye that lends to slick, quality commercial production, and a strong knowledge of the life cycle of a project from ideation through shipping. Regardless of what you'll find me working on, I am a passionate about visuals and an enthusiastic make-it-happener. 


I have been lucky enough to work for and alongside some of the best producers in Chicago and San Francisco and as a result I have developed a knack for helping to create a slick, attractive product. I am a rockstar with logistics and paperwork. That, combined with my documentary background, helps me get the most out of a shoestring budget.


I've got the attention to detail and the polish of a natural producer, but I come from a family of creatives and have a great eye (pun totally intended) for beauty and a flair for the visual. I choose to focus on the former in my career, but just ask me about any of the creative things I do. I am at ease working with creatives; I understand their process and how I can help them achieve success by assisting with logistics.