Peet’s Presents: How To’s, Alfred Peet Biography, & Roastery Documentary

For Peet’s Coffee brand relaunch in 2018, they tasked us with producing several videos that related to their brand — this multi level campaign featured four how-to videos, an animated biography on Alfred Peet, and a documentary on their Alameda roastery.

How To Videos

Shot over two days at Peet’s Headquarters, we lucked out with an amazing barista who hit his mark every time and even looked like Alfred Peet. By the time we all parted ways, there wasn’t a person in the room who was an expert and making Cold Brew, French Press, Pour-Overs, and Chemex coffee drinks.


Roastery Documentary

We spent a bit of time in the roastery getting to know the roasters and the way they work. It was incredibly inspiring, and the result was this piece.

Alfred Peet Biography