Brawny Social Documentary Series

For over a year, I produced several series of documentaries for Brawny’s social media that focused on human interest stories. I worked with the creative team to research people to profile and we worked on projects for various seasonal campaigns as well as ongoing series. This work is some of the most inspiring branded content I have ever made and it was a pleasure meeting such amazing people!

Heroes of Hunger

We visited three amazing women in three different cities over six days, following each of them for a day as they worked to fight hunger in their communities using various methods.



Launching for Independence Day 2017, this project featured three different people who struggled in very different ways to achieve their goals, after years’ worth of failures and setbacks. It was released in conjunction with a 30 second tentpole ad for the holiday season.


Giants Among Us

An ongoing series for Brawny, I picked it up towards the tail end of the series and worked on it on and off for a year. It was a less theme-based than the other series Brawny commissioned, and covered lots of different people and topics.